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hollywood_viedologo_redA few of my friends and I recently had a conversation about how the video store industry has got to be on the verge of collapse. In all honestly, how many of you still make the trip to the go to video store? My guess is, is that most people do not. There are so many other options for video renters today that are so much cheaper than Hollywood Video or Blockbuster. Anyone heard of Netflicks or better yet, Redbox? redbox

I’ll sum up some of the reasons why I think people turn to these two choices more frequently as opposed to video stores: They are profoundly cheaper, much more quick and efficient, no extra gas expenses, no waiting in lines, and no driving all the way there to find that the video you want is gone.

All this got me thinking about how the video store industry should try and revive and revamp itself.

Well, I think the answer lies in changing some of the ways they are doing business, and most importantly, developing a strong public relations promoting campaign.

I was never a frequent visitor of Blockbuster so I’m going to use Hollywood Video as the example store.

After brainstorming a bit, I thought of some of PR tactics that I think Hollywood Video could have success with. Keep in mind that this is all hypothetical, and I’m’ pretending to have a decent budget.

It would be ideal if Hollywood Video could slash its prices, but I’m thinking that it might be a little unrealistic with the brewing economic troubles. So, I would suggest Hollywood Video to get inside the head of its consumers and think and understand why people are choosing other renters over them. You could probably narrow the reasons to: cost of movie, cost of gas it takes to drive to video store (and back to return), and pure inconvenience. Here are the tactics I came up with.

1. Start a daily “happy hour” during certain hours of the day where people could come in and either receive a $1 off coupon, a free soda, candy, or popcorn bucket, or an old movie rental for $1.

2. Create and pitch a strong proposal aimed at partnering with a national gas company. Ideally, Hollywood would like to giveaway gas coupons to all customers, which would then “drive” the customer to that particular gas station, where a free rental coupon would be given away with any fill up. A mututally benefical strategy.

3. Develop a sweepstakes contest for customers who spend a certain amount of money or come in many times a month, to enter to win a trip to Hollywood, CA where the winner would receive passes to tour Universal Studios.

4. Give away free movie coupons to local schools, libraries, museums, art studios, restaurants, boutiques and other places where people would use and appreciate the coupon. This would help broaden awareness that Hollywood Video is trying to stay “In tuned” and up-to-date with the changing technology.

5. Raise awareness about Hollywood Video’s Community Spotlight project called “Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation.”index_top

Although these are just a few hypothetical ideas about what the suffering video store rental industry could do to improve their faltering business endeavors, I think that many of the tactics I mentioned could generate positive media coverage, which is exactly what Hollywood Video would want.

Unfortunately, it may be only a matter of technological advances (or time) before video stores are completely taken out. Realistically, I envision being able to download any new or old movie instantaneously on your own computer within the next three to five years, don’t you?


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