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Two of my close friends, Tyler Macklin and Michael Miller, recently finished creating a music video. Tyler directed, filmed and edited the piece, while Michael helped with creative input and lent his skills in visual effects. The video is far beyond amateur quality and deserves to be seen, so I figured I would take the initiative to try and help them promote it (since I am a public relations major and all).

I’m not just doing this because they’re my friends; I’m doing it because, like the book I’m promoting, I believe in their work.

Their most recent collaboration is this music video titled “These Few Percepts,” the song was written by Shawn Cook, and the lyrics are based on a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” I was lucky enough to be a part of this project as well. I hope you enjoy it!

On Sunday Nov. 16, they entered this video into Diva Studio’s monthly Video Slam and won first place, which qualified them to be a part of the annual Video Slam Festival in February.

Now, here’s some background on these two incredibly talented filmmakers.

Tyler Macklin started working with video at an early when he began to film himself and friends

Tyler Macklin

Tyler Macklin

skateboarding. In 2004 Tyler scripted, filmed and edited a professional TV segment that aired on Fuel TVs “DC Shoe’s Project Detention.” That was really when he realized that he had an “eye” for video, and he wanted to pursue a career in film.

In his time at the UO he has worked on many class and freelance projects that have helped him improve his skills and get noticed. From 2005-2007, Tyler produced, filmed and edited weekly TV segments for “Duck U.” He also produced, filmed and edited safe-sex, anti-drug and drinking PSAs for the University of Oregon Health Center. Last winter, Tyler was featured on the front page of the Register Guard for his extensive online video work with YouTube, and during spring term he won second place for “Best Dramatic Short” at the 2008 UO Student Film Festival. Right now, Tyler is working on many class projects and as being a multimedia reporter for the Oregon Daily Emerald.

Michael Miller started doing video workwhen he was young as well. He used to make stop motion videos where he would try using practical effects, like making his brother look like a giant, with various camera angles. At the age of 12 he got a job as an acting extra on the movie “Drive Me Crazy” with Melissa Joan Hart. He soon realized that acting was not for him, and he dropped out of video making for a short period.

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Michael started to get back into video about two and a half years ago when he made a Star Wars/Nintendo spoof that ended up winning a small award. The excitement from that was enough to launch him back into film making. Michael’s specialty and concentration with video is working with special effects and graphic design. He is currently working with Amsel Media, and Behind-the-Scenes Productions, from Eugene, Oregon.

Michael has been recognized for his work with visual effects by winning first place and the “People’s Choice Award” in the 2008 Open Lens Film Festival at Diva Studio in Eugene, Oregon. He also won an award for Technical Merit in the 2008 Salem Film festival. Like Tyler, Michael has an extensive YouTube account with an array of fun, creative videos.

If you ever have a minute and are browsing through videos on YouTube, you should check out both of their sites. I promise that you will not be disappointed; in fact, you will be highly entertained.

Since they both have so many videos, I would suggest checking out these ones in particular.

Tyler’s videos: “Green Eugene –Hippie Hunt,” “Safe Sex Condom PSA,” “Hike of Terror” and “Inner Child Revelation.”

Michael’s videos: “The Conflict Within,” “Escape from the Clones,” “Human Torch Effect,” and “Dos Lunas.”


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Popcorn ehh...I love popcorn!

Popcorn ehh...I love popcorn!

I’d like to share with you a passion of mine. That passion is popcorn. This probably sounds very odd, but let me tell you my story.

Since I can remember, popcorn has always played a big part of my life. That’s because way back in the 80s my mom created a mind-blowing delicious recipe for “something-around-the-likes-of-cheddar-cheese popcorn.” On special nights growing up, my mom would make this popcorn for our family. I loved it from the minute I tasted it. When I was really little, I used to stick my whole head in the brown paper popcorn bag and gobble it up. I used to call the seasonings “dust” and I would lick every bit of it off my fingers.

This isn’t just any old popcorn process either. The popcorn is popped in a very old-fashion way, on a stove in a medium-size sauce pan with a bit of oil and a couple scoops of kernels. It’s quite the loud experience if you’re the popper, because the popcorn kernels literally push the lid of the sauce pan off.

Popping up!

Popping up!

Once it’s popped, you dump it into a brown paper bag. Then we season it will all sorts of “secret ingredients” (that neither my mom, nor I will ever tell), shake it up in the bag, and then enjoy! It truly has an addicting affect on people.

In high school, I finally decided I could make the popcorn myself, so I did. Not only did I make it, but I perfected the recipe. I seasoned the popcorn differently than my mom, and everyone including my mom, agrees that I put the ultimate finishing touch to it. I like to call it “Keeney Korn”

By now you may be wondering what does this have to do with public relations. Well…for over a year now I have seriously begun thinking about perusing getting our delicious popcorn into the market. I’ve recently been bursting with creativity, so I’ve begun thinking of all the steps we would have to take to get this challenging project popping!

The first important thing is that I know I have a worthy product. ANYONE who has had my popcorn is pretty much in taste bud heaven. If you’ve had the pleasure of being around me when I’m making popcorn, you know what I’m talking about. The second important factor is that there is not much competition out there for already-popped seasoned popcorn, and I plan on having numerous flavors including sweet, spicy and salty among others, not just cheddar cheese or kettle corn.

Voila! The final product. Yum Yum.

Voila! The final product. Yum Yum.

I think this could be a great LONG-term goal/side PR project for me. I mean I have all the skills and resources I would need to actually accomplish this.

My “PR Popcorn Project” would take MANY hours of research, and help from other people…I’d have to research all kinds of things, from how to mass produce popcorn, to scientific ingredient components needed to preserve and package it. This project would be anything but quick and easy. It could even take 5-10 years, but I truly think that with my determination, enthusiastic attitude, love for the product, research and public relations skills, it could be done!

My ultimate goal would be to continue my career in public relations at a great agency or organization, and in my free time, this would be my side “PR Popcorn Project.”

So, check back with me in a year, and see where I’m at with it.

“Some of you may shop till you drop, but I pop till I drop!”

Me, the co-creator of "Keeney Korn"

Me, the co-creator of"Keeney Korn"

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