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picture-151Over the holiday weekend “Glory Rose the Gloaming” was given the gift of being featured in three more regional newspapers! It is amazing to watch the progress since Glory Rose’s release in September 2008. Since her initial media coverage on Nov. 16, Brandsma has continued to receive fan mail and inquires about the book through e-mails. She is hoping that people will continue to follow their interests and curiosities by buying the book and spreading the word.

The Gazette Times entertainment reporter, Theresa Hogue, wrote an excellent review of the book that portrayed Glory Rose and Brandsma’s writing in high regards. This is the first published book review of Glory Rose, and I’m happy to announce that it was a success! The article that ran in the Gazette Times, also ran in the Albany Democrat Herald on November 28, 2008.

Today, an article in the Bend Bulletin came out, which featured a more detailed look into Brandsma’s background and how she began writing Glory Rose.

It has been refreshing that all three articles have had different angles to them. Each reporter has personally told Bransma how much they enjoyed the book, which they have all clearly shown in their writing.

One PR concept that I have learned from doing this project is that reporters usually need (or highly prefer) an event or special occasion to tie in with a story, especially for something like promoting an author and book. It was much easier to pitch the story idea to reporters after Branssma landed a book signing or reading somewhere.

The next steps for Glory Rose are to continue to promote and market the book to even more areas of Oregon, including Salem and the Portland. I will keep you all posted on Glory’s Rose’s escalating journey to success!!

Since I am Brandma’s publicist, it would only be appropriate for me to remind you that Glory Rose is available on Amazon.com and Target.com for only $14.99. Books are great gifts to buy for friends and family. I’m sure many of you gave the “Twilight” books a chance, so why not give an Oregon author a chance?

Here are even more reasons why you should give a book as a gift:

  • “A Book. Longer-lasting than a fruitcake, cheaper than a flat screen, more fun than a partridge in a pear tree.”
  • “Books return dividends for life.”
  • “Why a book? Because a new tie never changed anyone’s life.”
  • “Affordable. Portable. Memorable. Books are a gift beyond measure.”
  • “Give love. Give time. Give joy. Give books.”
  • “A Book: The perfect gift for someone who has everything. The perfect gift for someone who has nothing.”

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Hello, everyone! It appears that I have been in the blogosphere womb long enough and it’s my time to be born! So here I am! My name is Allison Keeney, and today I’m officially being born into one of the fastest growing areas for new content on the Internet: the blogosphere. I have decided to become a part of this innovative world because…well, who wouldn’t want to get their voice and ideas heard by other people? I’m excited to start blogging, because it will give me a chance to share my thoughts, experiences, and ideas to people all around the country. The idea of releasing what I have on my mind into the world is incredibly freeing. I have missed writing in my diary, and I’m appreciative that I was guided by my professor to take this opportunity.

So, now the real question…what on earth am I going to blog about? After brainstorming about what kind of blog I would like to have, I figured it should be a theme parallel to the most recurring theme right now in my life: What am I going to be or do? Where will my PR degree take me? Where will I be in a year from now? How will I break into the PR world? These are great examples of what I’m usually thinking or stressing about on a daily basis. So right now, I think that I will begin to blog about the paths I’m taking on my transitory journey of graduating, growing up and getting a job. In more literal terms, my blog will be about what’s going on in my life including my experiences, ideas, daily happenings, outlooks on events, goals, and interests. My posts will have some sort of PR focus to them, because I am interested to see how I can effectively and creatively incorporate PR into my routine communications with the world. The audience of my blog is really anyone who wants to listen and learn more about PR and how/where it is integrated into our daily lives. My experiences thus far with PR include doing media kits, press releases, and backgrounders. I’m expecting to further expand my knowledge of PR this term because I am taking a planning and campaigns class, advanced writing in PR, and an international PR class.

Until next time,

Allison a.k.a. Journey Girl

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