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As I mentioned in a previous post, Eugene filmmakers, Tyler Macklin and Michael Miller, are in the process of producing a video book trailer for the fantasy novel I have been promoting, “Glory Rose and the Gloaming.”

The story follows the adventures of a pink-haired, outcast fairy named Glory Rose, who sets out on a dangerous mission to save her magic world, The Ensorcelled Realm, from the evil sorcerer Bassarab. Along the way she encounters an interesting assortment of creatures, including giants, trolls, leprechauns, kelpies, pixies and even a wise old dragon. The most recent review of “Glory Rose and the Gloaming,” was featured in the Register Guard’s “Book Picks” section on March 2.

Here is the initial story board of the trailer.

Drawn by Tracey Gill

Drawn by Tracey Gill

The filming for the trailer was completed on March 11, and is now in the post-production phase. Macklin and Miller will be busy editing and creating the many special effects.

Here’s a sneak peak of what they’ve gotten done so far.

Let us know what you think about it. We would love to hear your feedback.


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In public relations, reaching out to the community and getting involved is often an important, common objective for many clients. Whether you’re doing PR for an organization that is active in the community, or you’re a PR student trying to find ways to use your PR skills to help out someone for a resume booster, the community is almost like a member of the family in the field of public relations.

Sharon Brandsma’s story is no different.

In September 2008, Brandsma finished writing, illustrating and co-publishing Glory Rose and the Gloaming. Since then, she has been busy with many book signings, marketing tours, agent meetings, a TV appearance and trying to finish writing Glory Rose’s sequel “Glory Rose and the Book of Shadows,” which is due out next fall.

Glory Rose and the Gloaming has inspired many local citizens to get involved and support Brandsma on her adventure and journey to becoming a nationally recognized author.

Recently University of Oregon electronic media major, Tyler Macklin, produced a news segment featuring how the local community of Eugene is involved with Glory Rose and the Gloaming.

So, here it is! Hope you enjoy, (you might recognize a familiar face).

How do you get involved with your local community? Tell me your story.

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sharon-book-signingAlthough it has been anything but a quick or small task, my first media coverage, based on my public relations work, has finally arrived!

I have been working on a freelance public relations project with Sharon M. Brandsma, author of “Glory Rose and the Gloaming” for over a month now. In that time I have put many of my PR skills to work. I have written a feature news release, targeted and pitched the story idea to reporters, sent out many copies of the novel to book editors and librarians, created a book signing poster, recorded a pod cast and made a social media release. I guess you could say I have been trying to promote the crap out of it.

After doing the initial research and work, I waited around for a few weeks (basically till after the election), before I heard anything back. The first reporter I contacted, Randi Bjornstad from the Register-Guard, was the one to take an interest in the story and write it.

I am very happy and proud that my hard work and dedication has paid off for Brandsma and myself. I am not being paid or even getting credit for working with Brandsma; I am doing it solely because I love and wholeheartedly believe in “Glory Rose and the Gloaming,” and I knew my PR skills could help Brandsma out. Without a doubt, I believe that this is the beginning of a long journey to stardom for Brandsma, and I’m so happy that I could be involved with it!

I’m really hoping that this media coverage will expand her fan base and readers, because this book deserves to be read!

If you have a teen, “tween,” or fantasy loving friend, brother/sister, or distant relative, and are looking for a great gift to give this holiday season, you should consider buying “Glory Rose and the Gloaming.” What better gift can you give to someone than an imaginative, picturesque and action filled adventure? Think of it this way, you would be supporting and native Oregonian, and the book is under $15. In my opinion, books are great gifts to give because they have more potential than almost any other gift; they continue to give for a lifetime.

With this freelance project, I have learned invaluable PR skills that I will take with me on my continuing journey to finding a career in PR. Working with this book, and Brandsma, has sparked creativity and confidence in my work that I needed to further my PR potential. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for me, and for Brandsma’s “Glory Rose and the Gloaming.”

Brandsma at her book signing on Nov. 15, 2008 at the Thurston Book Exchange

Brandsma, far right, at her book signing on Nov. 15, 2008 at the Thurston Book Exchange.

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Do you enjoy well-written, action-packed, page-turning books? Well, then you may be interested in what I’m doing right now.

I’m currently working as a freelance PR intern with a Eugene author, Sharon M. Brandsma, who just finished writing, illustrating and publishing her first teens-to-tweens fantasy novel Glory Rose and the Gloaming. I’m more than excited to work on this project, because I love the book myself. It’s up the alley of Harry Potter, yet with a female main character. I’m dying to get the word out about this book!

If you want to hear more about Glory Rose and the Gloaming, read on!

Eugene author tells her tale of empowerment through her new teens fantasy novel

“No cricket chirps, no frog song, no calls of night birds…just a few, quiet, gauzy fingers of mist clutched at the silver moon. In the hushed forest, his Master Merlin lay paralyzed and dying…and the beautiful fairy Oriya spirited away by some unspeakable evil. The Gloaming had begun.”

Eugene author Sharon M. Brandsma recently released Glory Rose and the Gloaming, an inspiring and magic-filled teens-to-tweens fantasy novel.

Glory Rose and the Gloaming is book one of a trilogy. The first novel features a female heroine named Glory Rose who sets out on a bold and dangerous mission to save the Magic Realm from an evil sorcerer. Along the way, Glory Rose encounters an assortment of magical creatures including, witches, fairies, giants, trolls, leprechauns, dragons, and an alchemist.

“My book is an empowering story for children and adults. It’s about never doubting your own ability to achieve ‘magic’ in your own life,” said Brandsma.

The series came to Brandsma after she had an idea to write a book with a realistic young heroine, as opposed to the common “perfect” hero. She says that “Heroes have been overdone.” She wanted to write a book about a character who was not perfect at all, who was in fact, flawed, yet still achieved what she set out to do.

Brandsma has had several short stories published, and won a short story writing contest sponsored by Family Circle Magazine. She is also an award-winning artist, and did the cover and inside illustrations in this book.

The book was published by MoonFlower Press from Eugene, Ore., in conjunction with Studio Absolute, from Sisters, Oregon. Brandsma received no funds for advertising or publicity, so she has literally gone door-to-door to local bookstores, schools and libraries to market the book. Glory Rose and the Gloaming can be found in a few small, local bookstores, schools, and libraries in Cottage Grove, Florence, and Reedsport. The fantasy tale is also available on Amazon.com

The book has been well received by many readers of all ages. “It humbles me so much that people truly love the story,” said Brandsma, who is receiving rave reviews and fan mail from readers. In the near future, she hopes that more bookstores and libraries in the Eugene area will stock her book.

Brandsma has a book signing on Nov. 15, 2008 at the Thurston Book Exchange, and she has been invited to the Authors & Artists Fair put on by the Lane Library League on Dec. 6, 2008. You can visit her Web site at www.gloryrosefriends.com to learn more. You can also check out my social media release on Pitch Engine. picture-15

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